Outside the Lines

"Creative expression and guidance for all"

I find joy in my soul to help others using my creative and healing abilities. 

Currently I am taking clients and privately work with people of special needs through my project Outside the Lines. Outside the Lines provides a safe space to authentically explore vulnerability in a creative approach.

Outside the Lines is primarily for but not limited to special needs children incorporating elements of sound, art, movement and connection in a creative guided approach. 

Sound sessions

Sound sessions are for experimenting and learning about different types of sounds and instruments while finding the benefits of utilizing sound as a form of expression and release.

Guitar, piano, xylophone, and vocal sessions are available to explore and develop skills.

Sound healing is also available to experience and interact with healing instruments.

30 minute and hour sessions are available.


Art sessions 

Art sessions are for interacting with different styles of art while exploring art as a form of release and play. 

Hour sessions are available.


Movement sessions

Movement sessions are a unique way of connecting to your physical body with the use of flow toys. 

Flow toys are interactive and physically rewarding ways to find pleasure in movement. They are also a great way to get in touch with yourself on a deeper level.

Hula Hooping in the style of dance, poi (a less common flow toy that involves two handheld tools, has been found to be a good starting flow toy for children and adults), and liquid or fluid dancing are available and provided for in exploration of movement sessions.

30 minute and hour sessions are available.


Consultations are free!

Individual 30 minute sessions are $40

Individual hour sessions are $60

3 sessions packages are $150

Monthly subscriptions (up to 5 sessions) are $200

Payment plans and sliding scales are available for select individuals.


If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation please contact me!



Alongside my passions for sound and art, follows psychology. I worked a few different jobs throughout the years with children and youth of special needs. I spent some time at AB Tech majoring in psychology in 2018 and began working at Universal Mental Health in Asheville, NC for two years. I chose to step away from school shortly after COVID quarantine hit, but I knew this passion I had would eventually end up guiding me to my place in this field.