About Me, Zakara

Thank you for stopping by and taking some time to learn a little bit about me!

Throughout childhood I learned to use art and music as my main sources of emotional release and expression.

     I have been a song-writer since childhood, started learning guitar at 11, played my first gig at 13, started exploring music production into adulthood and now I have ventured into the arena of teaching music primarily as a vocal teacher at Music House School, a local music school based in Kansas. 

Before I was a music teacher, I was an elementary art teacher at Art In the Afternoon based out of Asheville, NC.


     I have had a life-long love for creating art.  However, I did not take my art seriously until the 2020 quarantine hit, allowing the time to focus on producing paintings and building my website CreativeZakara, formerly known as ArtbyZakara. I begun to diversify my forms of art over the last two years including digital art, pin production, and graphic design.

     In May of 2021, I made the decision to take the next step by releasing EmPOURium Designs. The designs consisted of 7 original paintings made into various clothing items, accessories, and affordable wrapped canvas prints. I had originally used a print-on-demand service for this collection. While this was such a fun experience, eventually I closed the EmPOURium Designs world temporarily to begin working towards investing in the inventory so I can pursue vending my clothing and accessory designs at events in the future.

     In October of 2021 I introduced my web designing experience to CreativeZakara. I find creating and designing someone’s website, logo, and other graphic projects feels as if I am helping them take their first steps towards their dreams.

     I also went to school for Massage Therapy in 2015 and eventually found my place in the healing field as a sound healer and intuitive guide. I currently preform sound healing sessions and intuitive oracle/tarot readings privately and at Haven Spa in Overland Park, KS. 



I find joy in my soul to help others using my creative and healing abilities. 

     Alongside my passions for sound and art, follows psychology. I worked a few different jobs throughout the years with children and youth of special needs. I spent some time at AB Tech majoring in psychology in 2018 and began working at Universal Mental Health in Asheville, NC for two years. I chose to step away from school shortly after COVID quarantine hit, but I knew this passion I had would eventually end up guiding me to my place in this field.

     Currently I am taking steps towards working privately with people of special needs through my new project Outside the Lines. Outside the Lines is primarily for children incorporating elements of sound, art, movement, and connection in a creative guided approach. 

     I feel through discovering the power of believing in my dreams, no matter how big or small; dreams are meant to be pursued, and I am pursuing my dreams of creating and healing.

I am so grateful for how far I've come and am excited to see what the future holds for CreativeZakara.

Thank you all so much for helping my dream become my reality.

Your support means the world to me!