About Creative Z

Throughout childhood I learned to use art and music as my main sources of emotional release and expression.

I have been a song-writer since childhood and guitar was my first instrument at 11 years old. When I was 13 I recorded my first two acoustic singer-songwriter tracks with Street Saunders Records and played my first gig at 15.

I moved from the Kansas City area, where I lived for the majority of my late childhood into teenage years to Puerto Cayo, Manabí, Ecuador in South America for half a year. In that time I playing my first large gig, Carnival, a festivity that happens every year along the coast of South America with over 10,000 people attending.

After moving back to the Kansas City area I went to school for massage therapy leading me to my place in the healing field as a sound healer.

In 2015 I moved to Asheville, NC for seven years and began teaching myself how to produce music. I found my love for electronic music during this time and shortly before the 2020 quarantine I produced my first song ever on my own, "Love I've Let You In Again".

In 2020 I was diagnosed ADHD, MDD, GAD, and soon after I discovered I was Autistic. In early 2021, I produced my track "I'd Rather Be A Lime" that will be on my upcoming debut EP, Retrospection. This track is dedicated to the acceptance of my recent mental health discoveries.

I moved back to Kansas City in February of 2022. I continued to teach myself music production and in January of 2023 I became Creative Z. Since then I’ve spent most of my free time dedicated to finishing my debut EP, “Retrospection” that was released on June 17th, 2023.

Alongside the release of my debut ep in June 2023, Neuro Notes Studio went from a dream to reality as I gained my first student in my teaching based studio. They are learning the ins and outs of music production while also working on their first album with me that is hoped to be released sometime next year.

I will continue to invest more time getting to know the local KC artist community and networking with local music producers as I advocate for autistic music creators like myself by spreading awareness to the difficulties of navigating and maintaining a career in the music industry as a neurodivergent creator.

I feel it is a necessity to provide support in giving neurodivergent creators the opportunity to be involved and accepted in the music industry.


I am so grateful with how far I’ve come and am excited to see what the future hold for CreativeZ.official!